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What are Cookies?

In May 2011, the UK Government passed new legislation is regards to the use of Cookies. Cookies are small text files which are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or application. Your web browser then sends these cookies back to the website or application on each subsequent visit so that they can recognise you and remember things about the way you viewed our web pages.

Cookies are very useful and do lots of different jobs which help to make your experience on websites as smooth as possible. For example, they let you move between web pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and generally improving your experience. Cookies do not record or know who you are or capture any personal data.

Cookies help to:

  • Allow you to participate in our surveys
  • Remember your login details
  • Remember your preferred language
  • Improve the quality of our website based on your browsing behaviour
  • Deliver a tailored online experience based on your online behaviour
  • Remembers that you accepted this cookie information so you do not have to see it again

Types of Cookies

There are three types of cookies dropped and collected by websites. From 26th May 2012, all cookies must be consented to by a site’s users.

Cookie Type Description

Moderately intrusive

Embedded third-party content and social media plug-insAdvertising campaign optimisation

Minimally intrusive

Web analytics / Metrics
Personalised content/interface

Necessary for website functionality(Exempt from changes to privacy regulations)

Stop multiple form submissionsLoad balancingTransaction specific

Systagenix collects the following anonymous cookies for tracking purposes

Third Party Cookies

Users of the site who wish to share Systagenix’s content socially using Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ (the platforms which are currently enabled on the website to allow this function) may have cookies stored on their computers from these third party websites.

Cookies are collected from third party sites so that you can be logged in to your account on their site and share our content simply and easily. For more information on the cookie policies of these third party sites, please visit their individual websites. You will be able to control the way cookies are used when you are signed into your accounts on these sites through the privacy settings they have made available to you.

Facebook Privacy Policy (https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/other)

Twitter Privacy Policy (https://twitter.com/privacy)

Google+ Privacy Policy (http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/policies/privacy/)

Managing / prohibiting cookie use in your browser

Most modern browsers will allow you to:

  • See what cookies you've got and delete them on an individual basis.
  • Block third party cookies.
  • Block cookies from particular sites.
  • Block all cookies from being set.
  • Delete all cookies when you close your browser.

You should be aware that any preferences will be lost if you delete cookies. Ironically, this includes where you have opted out from cookies, as this requires an opt-out cookie to be set. Also, if you block cookies completely many websites will not work properly and some functionality on these websites will not work at all.

The links below take you to the ‘Help' sections for each of the major browsers so that you can find out more about how to manage your cookies.

Internet Explorer




Google Chrome






Safari iOS






Windows Phone


Managing / prohibiting the use of analytics cookies

It is possible to opt out of having your anonymised browsing activity within websites recorded by analytics cookies. Systagenix uses the following analytics providers and you can opt out of their cookies by clicking on the following links. Please note that this will take you to the relevant third party's website and generate a ‘no thanks' cookie, which will stop any further cookies being set by those third parties.

Don't forget that by not allowing analytics cookies, this stops us from being able to learn what people like or don't like about our products and services so that we can make them better.

Google Analytics


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